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Author: Bill Farquharson

Make One Thing Your First Thing

Working with a client to improve time management and sales productivity, Bill Farquharson recently added one component that made all the difference. Read all about it in this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip.

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Four LinkedIn Lessons

One year ago this month, Bill Farquharson went all in with LinkedIn by posting daily. In this week’s Short Attention Sales Tips, he delivers 4 lessons you need to know in order to grow your marketing presence.

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The Benefit of Wasting Time

No one loves a good game of Solitaire better than Bill Farquharson, especially as part of good sales day. Find out how he gets away with that time-waster and still calls himself productive in this week’s blog.

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Biggest Factor to a New Rep’s Success

The majority of new sales hires will fail, and for a variety of reasons. But of all the factors in their recipe for success, Bill Farquharson’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip identifies #1 for them and for you, no matter where you are in your sales career.

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