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Another “Duh” Sales Tip

You should know this. We have been living in a social-media-ruled world for a while now. Bill shouldn't have to tell you but, sadly, this week's Short Attention Span Sales Tip is another one of those obvious message not everyone practices.

Good morning!

Admittedly, this is a “duh” sales tip. That’s where I think everyone knows it but I see that is not the case so I have to make a sales tip. So….

Last year, I went to a podiatrist (a foot doctor) due to chronic pain in my left foot. I described my symptoms, and the doctor quickly solved my problem. I was in and out.

But six months later, the pain returned so I set up another appointment. As I was looking up her contact information, I saw that her Google rating was only 2.8 (that’s out of 5). Clicking on the reviews, they were horror stories:

“The doctor kept my father waiting over an hour.”

“She rushed through my exam and interrupted me.”

“Do. Not. Come. Here.”


But the thing is, those comments were not what bothered me. First, I am good about advocating for myself. Good luck rushing through an appointment with me. And second, I had been there already and had a different experience.

What bothered me is the fact there were no replies from the Doctor. Does she not care? Is she that popular to where she can afford to ignore what others are saying?

A negative review or comment can be devastating. As consumers, we all want to know how it went for others. But we are all aware there is no pleasing everyone and, yes, there will be haters. But those negative comments can be defused and softened if there is a rebuttal.

“We are so sorry to hear you had a bad experience, that you did not feel heard, and were interrupted. What a lousy feeling. We value your business and your opinions and only hope we are given another chance to get things back on the right foot*”

Check your reviews regularly. Respond to the bad AND the good. It shows you are responsive and take responsibility. Haters gonna hate. The best you can do is acknowledge and counter.

*See what I did there?

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