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Sales Opportunities Abound

opportunities abound

Good morning!

Last November, I bought a new car. A recent e-mail from the dealer congratulated me on my purchase, thanked me for the business, and then reminded me I get a free oil change.

There’s only one problem: I bought an electric vehicle.

One of my kids goes to UMass Boston. In an effort to build community, I received a postcard recruiting Allison and me to a special reception down on Cape Cod. What caught my attention, was the $0.64 they paid in postage.

A few years ago, my brother and I were at a supermarket. Andy being a label salesman, recognized a candle company which had asked him to bid their labels. Despite his best effort, they gave the job away to someone else. My brother picked up the candle from the shelf, licked his thumb, and wiped it across the label, thoroughly smearing the ink. I commented, “Customers don’t realize the quality on the outside is a reflection of the quality on the inside.”

Opportunities for business abound. They are all around us. You might get a mailing from a company you did business with 15 years ago. They reference your purchase as if it was yesterday. Opportunity: help them with their database.

Walking through a store, you look up and see a large banner clumsily tied off at the top corners, causing wrinkles. A manager walks by and you ask about it. She provides valuable information and feedback that you just know will never make it up the chain. Opportunity: contact a decision maker (oh, and include a picture).

You are given a promotional item. It is cheap, flimsy, and easily breaks. Opportunity: sell someone on a better idea.

Your job might end at 5:00 PM but you should never stop being curious. Pay attention. Look for new sales opportunities all around you. Not only will you find new business, but no-bid business.

And all because you’re paying attention.

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