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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

Sales in Slow-Mo

Want to catch the attention of a prospect? Here’s a quick idea for you…

Years ago I was at a trade show in Las Vegas. There were vendors and seminars and general sessions, but the most popular activity by my estimation was a Tesla getting wrapped and then unwrapped, wrapped and then unwrapped, all day long.

It was fascinating. People were 6 deep and fully enthralled with the process. I think I even have a picture of it somewhere.

This attention-getter can work for you as a sales tool, too. All it takes is an iPhone with Slow-Mo capabilities (I assume all brands do as well), a stand, and an installation.

The next time you are wrapping a car, truck, or elevator door, set up your phone and record it with the camera set for slow motion. Then, post it on your website as an example of the kind of work you do.

For some reason, people are captivated by these kinds of videos. They are free to create and free to post.

This works best for wide format but can be adapted to all aspects of print. You just need to use your imagination and creativity.

Funny how huge, complicated, and expensive marketing campaigns can barely move the needle and a simple video might just get the phone ringing.

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