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Bill Farquharson

Why Your Sales Rep Lies to You

When you were a kid and your father asked if you and your brother know anything about the hole in the ceiling of the garage, your mind drifted to the angry repercussions which would surely follow an affirmative answer.

So, you look at your father in the eyes and lied.

If, on the other hand, you feel confident the result would be a calm “teaching moment,” you most likely would have responded, “Yes. Andy and I were lighting M-80s and we put one under the metal bucket, causing it to not only tear open at the seam, but also rocket straight up and blow a hole right down to the chicken wire.”

Real communication happens when people feel safe.

Remember that, managers, when you ask your sales rep, how many calls they’ve made.

Remember that, managers, when you ask them where they’ve been.

Remember that, managers, when your sales rep lies to you. Yes, it is a reflection on them and it speaks to their character and integrity.


There is also something to be said about you and how you come across to others.

You are authority. You are the judge and jury. You are, in some cases, a surrogate parent. Honesty and transparency is the goal and you must keep in mind the rules of human nature. It is cathartic in both directions.

My guess is Ferris Bueller pal Cameron’s chat with his dad to explain why the Ferrari was in the ditch went poorly, but only for the father.

And as for that incredibly-detailed story of how two brothers set off explosives in the garage, my blogs are limited to 291 words, so darny-darn-darn we’ll never know if it was true.


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