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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson

The Leon Lett Sales Fumble

Note: Leon Lett played football for the Dallas Cowboys and is famous for recovering a fumble in Super Bowl XXVII, racing for the goal line, and holding the ball out prematurely before crossing the goal line. An opposing play came up from behind and slapped the ball from Lett’s hands, denying him a touchdown.

It was an awesome email.

Your introductory message to a prospect was written with Pulitzer-winning precision. The message was tight and spot on. Anyone reading it would, at minimum, remember your name and, at best, be open to a conversation.

But then…

“Please give me a call at 781-934-7036 to discuss your needs and how we can help.”

You just pulled a Leon Lett.

Please give me a call? Please give me a call? Really? You expect someone to call you? Is there any other part of your job you’d like the prospect to handle for you?

Sales people, it is your responsibility to follow up on the email, not theirs. The closest you should get to instructing the email’s recipient to call you is to write, “I will follow up on this email soon. If you have an immediate need, please call me at 781-934-7036.”

If your introductory emails aren’t getting you across the goal line, you might want to change your CTA (call to action)…and then do it!

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