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How to REALLY Get Organized

“OMG, I need to get organized”

I hear that a lot. Sometimes it’s coming from my wife. Other times it’s coming from a client. But we all have the need for a hard-stop organizational session. It’s a process that everyone handles differently, but the checklist should look something like this:

  1. Clean up—If you’re in need of major organization, clear everything off your desk, wipe it down, and then add back items, but only if they belong there. A more minor organization could include simply tidying up your immediate workspace.
  2. Make a list—this goes without saying, but you need to come up with a task list. Personally, I have two. The first is a list of everything that needs to be done (I have one for business and one for personal). The second shows only what needs to be done immediately.
  3. Check it twice—before moving on, I go back over the items on both lists and ask the question, do I really need to do this? If the item survives, then I move on to…
  4. Priorities—I will circle or put a star next to anything that belongs at the end of the sentence, “If I get nothing else done, I will do this.” There are never more than three such priorities.

OK, you are now organized. The next step is to come up with a schedule for the day and another one for the week. That’s the transition between planning and action.

One last thing on the subject: the more often you stop and get organized, the less time it will take. Do it daily and I’d be surprised if it took you 60 seconds. Do it weekly, it’s going to take you a little bit longer, although it is still manageable.

When people say, “OMG, I need to get organized,” I hear defeat in their voice. It’s like they see it as a weakness. In truth, being organized is a superpower and taking the time to get your ducks in a row is the first step towards productivity.

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