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Author: Bill Farquharson

When Motivation Goes Away

99% of the time, a sales rep is motivated. Bill Farquharson recently experienced that 1% of the time when motivation is lost. His experience is a lesson for you as we enter two very difficult selling weeks.

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Email Faux Pas

You email a question to a customer. In responding, the client adds a name to the CC line. That’s not newsworthy, unless…Find out more in Bill Farquharson’s blog this week.

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The Two Worst Selling Days

You are told not to make prospecting calls on Mondays. You are advised against Fridays as well. Bill Farquharson begs you to listen to this advice. In this week’s blog, find out why.

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Righting the Sales Ship

You wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and note it on your iPhone. A task is added to your list. Then another. And another. Before you know it you’re overwhelmed. This happens to Bill Farquharson as well. In this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip, find out what he does about it.

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The Best Sales Management Question

When Bill Farquharson’s thumb started hurting, he visited a physical therapist. On their second visit, she asked him a question all sales managers need to apply to their sales meetings and one on ones. Learn more in this week’s blog.

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