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Where do the best ideas come from for good LinkedIn posts? Read Bill Farquharson's blog to find out. It's a good one!

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Frank Romano once said to me, “Bill, you could make a sales tip out of anything.” He has a point.

Have you ever heard someone say something and you think to yourself, “That would make a good T-shirt.” Well, when it comes to creating good LinkedIn posts, you need to think the same way.

Almost all of the—hold on, I need to do some math—116 submissions I write a year, have their origin in a “OMG! That’s a good topic!” moment.

If you are looking to write more and better LinkedIn posts, get into the habit of listening with curious ears and writing down a quick reminder of the topic, then go back later to expand.

Take this topic, for example…

I was on a coaching client with a client. He was talking about posting more often on LinkedIn. We talked about the best things to write about and I asked him questions about his recent prospecting experiences. He replied, “Clients are hesitant to fire their current vendors, even if they are terrible.”

Boom! There it is:

  • 5 Reasons to Fire Your Printer
  • If Your Current Printer Is Doing This, Replace Them
  • The Worst Thing Your Current Printer Can Do

A good blog has an intriguing title, lots of white space to give it that “Quick read” feel, and is no more than 250 words.

Unless Allison edits this down, that’s just short of 250.


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