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Author: Bill Farquharson

Another “Duh” Sales Tip

You should know this. We have been living in a social-media-ruled world for a while now. Bill shouldn’t have to tell you but, sadly, this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip is another one of those obvious message not everyone practices.

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The Call-On-The-Top-Dog-Blog

Would you rather fight tooth and nail for an order or have it handed to you? Would you rather compete against 3 other vendors or be the chosen one? Would you rather wait for 5 people’s order approval or hear from one decision-maker? A recent news story exemplifies what Bill Farquharson has always believed: Call on the Top Dog.

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Trust me. I’m in Sales.

It’s a paradox: A client won’t give you an order until they trust you and they can’t trust you if they don’t give you an order….or can they? In this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip, Bill Farquharson shows you how to break that cycle.

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Why Your Parents Are Geniuses

Small orders are frustrating. They take up a lot of time and don’t add up to much. But, if you apply a lesson from your childhood and listen to your parents, you might just find a small order to be a game-changer. Find out more from Bill Farquharson in this week’s blog.

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Sales and AI Download

Download notes and instructions generated during the January 2024 Sales Vault Workshop entitled “Sales and AI”. Join in on the follow up discussion in February.

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An Assertive Sales Email

You’ve called and called. You’ve emailed and emailed. Nothing. Why not try something a bit more assertive? In his blog this week, Bill Farquharson offers an idea for a prospecting email that addresses your prospect’s question, “Why do I keep bugging you?”

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