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How to Get a Vendor to Jump Through Hoops

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Bill Farquharson

You are in a huge jam and need a vendor's help. The difference between yes and no comes down to one business practice Bill Farquharson believes in, lives by, and writes about in his blog this week.

Two printers use the same paper supplier.* Both have orders with insanely quick delivery dates, so both call their paper vendor:

First Call
Printer #1: “Jimmy, it’s Mike. I need that specialty paper as fast as you can get it to me.”
Vendor: “Okay, Mike. Let me see what I can do. I’ll call you back.”
[two hours later]
Vendor: “Mike, I can get it there by the end of the week.”
Printer: “Ugh! Jimmy, can you do any better? I am really in a bind here.”
Vendor: “Perhaps. Let me ask again. Call you back.”
[two hours later]
Vendor: “Mike, the best I can do is the day after tomorrow in your regular shipment.”

Second Call
Printer #2: “Jimmy, it’s Tom. I need that specialty paper as fast as you can get it to me.”
Vendor: “Okay, Tom. Let me see what I can do. Let me put you on hold.”
[two hours later]
Vendor: “Tom, I’m bringing it over myself. See you this afternoon.”

Same rush need. Same supplier. Two reactions.


Because Printer #2 pays his paper* bills F-A-S-T.

The best way to say “Thank you” and “I value you” to a vendor is to exceed expectations in paying their bills. The vendor might never say anything, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.

And when a special request is made, you will get priority.

*Feel free to replace with Ink, Paperboard, Folding…

A good vendor is as important as a good customer. Come learn more ways to grow at or call Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036.

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