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Would you rather fight tooth and nail for an order or have it handed to you? Would you rather compete against 3 other vendors or be the chosen one? Would you rather wait for 5 people's order approval or hear from one decision-maker? A recent news story exemplifies what Bill Farquharson has always believed: Call on the Top Dog.

Mind you, I am not judging…

An order for $40,000 in what might arguably be called, promotional products, was made by the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. It was for pins to identify House members. They were already using something, but Johnson didn’t like the color, so with a wave of his hand, voila, a very happy vendor got a plum order. No approval was necessary.

A wise woman once told me, “It takes 5 people to approve a $5,000 purchase, but only one to approve a $250,000 purchase.”

I think this story proves her point.

Don’t be afraid to make calls on decision-makers high up in the chain of command, the Top Dog. They operate on a different level than their underlings. The buck stops with them. They don’t have time to nickel and dime. If they decide to buy, they buy.

And if you are the one giving them good ideas, they buy from you.

Aim high, dog.


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