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“Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell

This is yet another non-sales book sales book. That is, Blink was not written to help you further your sales. However, it’s lessons and examples will help you to hone your abilities just the same. Specifically, author Malcolm Gladwell talks about making educated first impressions (my words, not his) and calls this concept “thin-slicing”.

Let’s suppose you are in a networking situation and you strike up a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. Very quickly, you are aware of an instinctual voice inside your head saying, “I think this person would make an excellent client. There is something about her that just feels right.” You’ve just had a “Blink” moment.

Gladwell is a quirky writer. His material is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. His book, “The Tipping Point” was his breakthrough; interesting, but not business-worthy.  Another great Gladwell read in that same category is “Outliers”. Both of those are worth your time but only “Blink” has information I believe will make you a better salesperson.

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