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Expanding the 1pm Appointment

When is midday sales appointment not a day-killer? When you take the advice of a guy who used to put 35,000 sales miles on his car every year without leaving the confines of eastern Massachusetts. Read Bill’s blog for more.

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The Vehicle Wrap Curse

Bill Farquharson sat at a stop sign behind a van with a beautiful vehicle wrap. In from of him was a car taking its sweet time before deciding what to do. What happened next is a lesson for all company drivers. Read about it in this week’s blog.

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A Vendor Crystal Ball

Wouldn’t it be great to know what kind of experience you will have with a customer before they become a customer? Knowing ahead of time might affect how hard you push and how much you sacrifice in order to make them a client. In a recent Sales Vault workshop, a signage sales rep came up with a novel idea which Bill Farquharson shares in this week’s blog.

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The Best Sign a Sales Rep Can See

“We already have a vendor” is a tough and frustrating sales objection. First, you want to BE that vendor, but second, why are they not interested in hearing new ideas? Bill Farquharson recalls a sign sitting in the lobby of a printer in Baltimore which serves as an example for how it should be.

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Why Marketing Frustrates

Imagine NASA’s challenge of launching a probe to a location millions of light years away. They don’t know if they’ve done it right for years after the capsule leaves Earth. Frustrating. Marketers can relate. This week, Bill Farquharson sets your expectations in the same way his Marketing Director set his.

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The Bully Customer

A once-rude house guest reminds Bill Farquharson of the day he went from lion to lamb and how you can reel that bully customer in whenever you are ready.

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Don’t Ask That. Ask This.

“Is now a good time to talk?” is one of the worst ways to open a cold call. Yet, it is the go-to for most sales reps. Bill Farquharson has a better idea and recalls an actual call from a telemarketer to make his point.

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Appreciating the Sales Challenges

No one picks up the phone. Emails go unanswered. You lose a client for no fault of your own. It’s hard to imagine being asked to appreciate these and other sales challenges, but what Bill Farquharson has to say in this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip might change your mind.

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