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The Best Sales Goal to Have

It's sales goal season! This is when we think ahead and come up with hopes and dreams for everything from our sales to our finances. Quotas are handed out for 2024 and magic is in the air...or at least was until Bill Farquharson's Short Attention Span Sales Tip this week. Give it a look and then rethink your goals.
what you do today

Good morning!

We are getting into the time of year where thoughts turn to the concept of goals. Goals give us something to shoot for. They are designed to motivate. We have personal goals, fitness goals, relationship goals, and financial goals. Some of us set long term goals while others focus on short term. Salespeople are given their quota or “plan” as it is sometimes called, for 2024.

To all of you, no matter where you fall on the subject, here’s my advice: Screw the goals.


Don’t bother.

Instead, do this…

  1. Pick an activity you know is good for you.
  2. Do it a lot.

That’s it.

My problem with goals is their arbitrary nature. It’s just too difficult to come up with something adequate or accurate. Make them too high and you have failed by not reaching them. Make them too low and there is no satisfaction.

You don’t need a specific outcome. You will make steady progress doing the things you know you should be doing. Let the results define themselves.

You know making more sales calls will yield more sales.
I know practicing the guitar will result in a new skill.
We all know eating better is good for us.

Look, if a goal is serving a purpose for you, great. But just know you don’t have to come up with some arbitrary number in order to reach a new level of success.

So, put away to Ouija Board and put your faith in actions.

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