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The Benefit of Wasting Time

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Bill Farquharson

No one loves a good game of Solitaire better than Bill Farquharson, especially as part of good sales day. Find out how he gets away with that time-waster and still calls himself productive in this week's blog.

You had a great morning of activities:

  • Made a call.
  • Production meeting.
  • Quick chat with your boss.
  • Check emails…reply.
  • Quote a job.
  • Wordle.
  • Made a call…

Wait. What? Wordle? How is that part of a successful morning?

While good time management begets sales productivity, not only is there nothing wrong with a non-selling action like a quick easy game, but there is a benefit. According to a study I just made up for the purpose of supporting this blog (but makes sense to me), four out of five dentists say taking a break every now and then:

  • Renews.
  • Refreshes.
  • Hits the reset button.

Don’t worry about a little time-waster on occasion. We need that mini-breather in order to better accomplish the work-related activities. Puzzles? Sure. Solitaire? Yup.

Wordle? Duh!


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