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What Sales/Production Needs to Say to Production/Sales

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Bill Farquharson

Sales and Production are on the same team, technically. But looking at the way they work together and hearing what they say about each other, that might not be obvious. So, let's everyone just calm down, join hands, and read what Bill Farquharson has to say on the subject.

“All sales reps are arrogant.”

“Production? They wouldn’t exist without us.”

Okay, gang. Let’s everyone just calm down while we go over some ideas for melting the ice…

The 3 best things Sales can say to Production:

  1.  “I need this fast” only when you need it fast. And don’t EVER ask for a rush job and then leave it sitting there for a day or two;
  2. “Thank you” to acknowledge effort. Say in writing, too. And make sure to pass along a customer compliment. It goes a long way;
  3. “What can I do better?” There is always room for improvement and this keeps communication lines open.

The 3 best things Production can say to Sales:

  1. “Let me explain the process so that you understand.” Giving a sales rep an education on how the sausage is made gives necessary background information, reducing complaints (especially “What’s taking so long?”);
  2. “Congratulations on landing that new account.” Sales reps might have worked months to bring them in. Recognize it (in writing, especially);
  3. “What can we do better?” There is always room for improvement and this keeps communication lines open.

While not quite Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner, let’s not wait for an anvil to drop off a cliff before improving the relationship between Sales and Production.


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