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The Worst Thing About Your Blog

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Bill Farquharson

Remember when starting a company newsletter was a great idea? Today, they are called blogs. In Bill Farquharson's blog this week, he blogs about a blog mistake blog writers make in their blog.

Back in the day, someone at a company would have an idea: LET’S CREATE A NEWSLETTER!!!

So, with great passion, that employee would spend hours recruiting writers, creating content, and formatting this future Pulitzer Prize winner. Great pride and fanfare would then announce the arrival and release of Volume One.

And that is the last time that company ever produced a newsletter.

Why? Because they are a LOT of work.

Other than the time spent writing and figuring out how to use Pagemaker (insert OG snicker here), no damage was done.

Fast forward to the newsletter of today: Your blog.

Many companies start a blog. Someone decides it is a good idea and creates a post or two. Since there is no layout effort, it is easy to pump out a few more. Easy peazy!

But then…

The blogs stop. For whatever reason, weekly posts become monthly, monthly becomes occasional, and occasional is redefined as, “I’m getting no comments, so no one is reading it anyway. Why do I even bother?”

That is an issue, and it says something about your company. Something negative, like, “We don’t follow through on our commitments.”

Make a choice: Either post regularly or pull the blog down entirely. But the worst thing about your blog happens when you give up on it and a prospect sees the last entry was 18 months ago or longer.

Oh, and by the way, it is an incorrect assumption to believe no one is reading your blog just because there are no comments.

Want proof? You’re reading mine right now.


Isn’t he clever? Get the sales ideas, motivation, and support you need at or call Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036

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