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Why Your Sales Rep Lies to You

How many calls did you make? What do you expect to sell this month? Is this expense report accurate? If you are not getting honest answers, there is more than just one person to blame. Bill Farquharson introduces you to both of them in his blog this week.

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Prospecting for Legacy Reps

Legacy sales reps have a lot of positive attributes, but prospecting for new customers is not one of them. They make a lot of excuses. After they read Bill Farquharson’s blog, they will have one less.

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Bosses Do NOT Want to Hear This, But…

Receiving an invitation to a client event is a good indicator you are a valued vendor. Hearing someone say, “I see you here a lot. Do you work here?” is a good indicator you are properly servicing the account. There is a third sign of sales effectiveness, but Bill Farquharson guarantees your boss will not like it. Read this week’s blog for more.

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