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Why You Should Disrespect Email

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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson's mom would send him an email and then call to make sure he got it. Find out why she was a genius for not trusting technology in this week's blog.

Do you remember the first time you ordered food online? I do, and if you are like me you’re thinking was, “These boneheads can’t get the order right when I’m standing in front of them. How are they going to get it right electronically?”

You should treat email with the same disrespect as you would that first online food order.

Why? Because sometimes there is a lot on the line; too much to make the assumption your message was received.

Don’t trust it.

Assume it never got there.

Double check.

A client recently told me he lost an order because the customer never got his email message. Not surprisingly, the teller of the story portrayed himself as a victim.

After all, he did his job, right?

If the issue is big enough, make sure you are not assuming the email arrived. Call or ask for acknowledgment.

Otherwise, you’ll get habanero peppers instead of banana peppers on your pizza.


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