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When Motivation Goes Away

99% of the time, a sales rep is motivated. Bill Farquharson recently experienced that 1% of the time when motivation is lost. His experience is a lesson for you as we enter two very difficult selling weeks.

Good morning…

… and welcome to one of the most difficult weeks in the selling year!

Many of us—and perhaps even most of us—work quite well in a chaotic environment. While we are not always as efficient as we should be, most salespeople thrive when there is a lot going on.


The opposite is also true. When things turn and it becomes quiet—like these next couple of weeks, for example—it is commonplace to fall into a personal funk. You find you have no energy for anything related to work. Nothing excites you. You don’t feel like working.

There are times when a quick Tony Robbins video can get you back on track. But when it becomes obvious this is a more permanent situation, you need a different solution. Here are some thoughts….

  1. Lean into it—Accept it. You can’t be “on” all the time. You might need the break. So, just let it happen.
  2. Don’t feel guilty—You cannot achieve the high-highs without the low-lows. Everyone goes through this regardless of their selling experience level or sales volume.
  3. Throttle back—There’s nothing wrong with reducing your hours for a few days. Today, for example, my first coaching call was 10 AM. Instead of sitting at my desk miserably uninspired, I went to the gym and had an excellent workout. Yesterday, I quit early and took my 2 year old grandson to the pool.
  4. Make some calls—No, not prospecting calls. Phone some clients and check in. Call with no agenda. Just say hello, wish them a happy holiday season, and ask what their plans are for the new year on a personal and business level. This is particularly good advice if you know someone who is struggling (and believe me, people are struggling). Even a simple voice mail of encouragement goes a long way.
  5. Read—We all know we should read and yet very few of us make the time. Now that your creativity tank is empty, grab a business book and start filling it back up.

See this lack of sales motivation as the gift it is. Know that this, too, shall pass. Take a breath. Take a break. Recharge. You won’t be down for long and when you come back, you’ll be stronger for it.

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