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Ideal With a Capital “I”

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There are two levels of ideal customer: Lower case "i" and capital "I." This blog is about the latter and why you should always be seeking this rare relationship. Find out what Bill Farquharson is talking about in this week's blog.

You don’t need me to tell you it’s important to have your ideal customer in mind. That’s not what this blog is about, thankfully. What a waste of time that message would be (I knew if I titled it, “Your Ideal Customer,” no one would read it).

I’m here to give you a different message: you need to have your “Ideal” customer in mind; someone worthy of the title, someone who fits a special description, someone so important they earn the capital “I” in Ideal.

Let me explain the difference.

The ideal customer is someone who gives and takes in equal proportion. They ask for a rush delivery on occasion, but you never charge them for it. In return, you are awarded a job despite being the highest bidder.

They value you. You value them.

You become friends.

Your business together lasts many years and perhaps many companies as they move on.

This kind of Ideal customer is very, very rare. In 43 years of sales, I’ve probably had only 6 Ideal customers.

But despite this, I still have Ideal in mind when I am selling. I know how special it is to have that kind of relationship and I know the benefit of reaching for that standard.

Your ideal customer might be near your age, similar to your personality, and someone you click with. Your Ideal customer would be all that and more. They are loyal. There is mutual trust. They are forgiving. They appreciate you. They listen to your ideas. They value your expertise.

And they are consistent, which is proven only after a LOT of orders are placed.

The capital “I” Ideal customer takes years to truly identify. They are one in a million. They are rare, very rare.

But they are worth seeking. Have your Ideal in mind whenever you are looking for new business. If you have one, cherish that person.

And then get looking for the next one.

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