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Hey Social Media People…Calm Down

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Bill Farquharson

Bill Farquharson is all for Google reviews and thinks it is fine to email and ask for one. But to then ask again, and again, AND AGAIN, well, do that and you will read about yourself in one of his blogs. Speaking of which...

Hey, Social Media People…Calm Down!

There is a local breakfast restaurant we go to every now and then. It is friendly and welcoming. The food is very good and the prices are reasonable. Never had a bad meal or a bad experience.

The issue I have is with their Social Media team.

Since December, I have received four requests for a review. FOUR! They must have me on some automated plan on Constant Contact or Survey Monkey or

Whatever it is, I am done and they get the venomous-blog-of-Bill-Farquharson treatment.

Listen, I am all about requesting reviews and feel social proof is a critical part of our success. However, there is a limit and, for me, it is one. If someone is going to review you, they will respond to that initial ask.

The irony here is that I responded to their first request and wrote a nice review: Read it here.

As such, they run the risk of me either pulling it down or adding an addendum to the original, which I just did.

If you are outsourcing your social media, remember they are no different than your delivery driver who drives like a maniac in a vehicle with your name on the side: They represent you.

And they need to calm down.


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