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Everyone loves me…right?

It takes strength to be in sales. We must gird for rejection, endless voicemail, and the hard work it takes to be a success. But there is another level of strength necessary to be the top in your field and it is revealed in this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip from Bill Farquharson.
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Let’s look Inside the Sales Conversation for the week of July 25, 2022

Working in a bubble as many of us do, we sometimes ask, “What are others thinking? Am I unique in my sales challenges?” If these issues are your issues, why not join the conversation? Here’s a few recent discussions found in The Sales Vault and our free Sales Community on Slack.

“It seems like the CSRs and Production team doesn’t like me”

I am preparing for a workshop coming up next week (which is the first week of August if you can believe that) called, “Better Communication.” Typically, when I cover the subject, I focus on what to say and what to write in order to be better understood as a sales rep. But there’s another side to this which came out of a conversation I had this past week. It has to do with improving internal communication.

Do you have the confidence and inner strength necessary to receive 100% honest feedback?

As salespeople, we communicate with customers first and foremost. That’s our job. But we also have important interactions with customer service, production, and management.

What do they think of you?

My sister once told me, “Everyone’s the hero in their own story,” and I think that’s true here as well. We believe our customers love us, and most do. And we believe ourselves to be universally loved and admired by our coworkers. We are, in this story, the hero. We fight the fights, slay the dragons, and bring in the work that keeps everyone else employed. Heck, this place would fall down without us, right?

It takes a great deal of confidence to be in sales. Some of the best reps I work with take that confidence right up to the “cocky” line, and you know what, it works! They are successful because of the inner belief they are all that and a bag of chips.

It takes strength to be in sales. You must endure a great deal of rejection, shrug it off, get back in the ring for another round. Being open to critique, feedback, and even harsh criticism (the kind intended to make you better, not bring you down) requires a whole different level of strength.

It is in your best interest to be a top communicator. Your listening skills and ability to get your point across both in writing and verbally can bring you success. As you attempt to improve your communication and sales skills, don’t forget to check in with coworkers and ask for specific ways you can help them. If they are honest and you are willing to listen, you really can be the hero of this story.

For my Sales Vault members: The workshop I’m referring to, “Better Communication: What to Write, What to Say,” will be held Tuesday August 2 at 11:30 AM ET. Register Now

And don’t forget about the August 4 workshop, “How to Start a Foolproof Content Routine For Posting on LinkedIn.” Register Now

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