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Bill’s T-day Gift to You

Rather than dispense sales advice, this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip offers a gift. It’s Bill’s way of thanking you for 2021.

Good morning!

For this short Thanksgiving week, I do not have a sales tip. Last week I told you what to do this week, so if you need some inspiration, check out last week’s tip.

What I do have for you this week is a gift. I’d call it a “free gift”  but that’s redundant.  As a thank you for your patronage, for checking out these sales tips, for reading my blog and my monthly Printing Impressions column, and of course for my Sales Vault Insiders, I am sharing a digital copy of my 25 Best Sales Tips Ever! book. Click to select from the Print or Sign versions. 

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What you’ll find in The Best…
  1. Sales Motto
  2. Time of Day to Call Someone and Get Them on the Phone
  3. Time Management Tip
  4. The Second Best Time Management Tip
  5. Way to Never Cold Call Again
  6. Voicemail Template
  7. Way to Get Noticed
  8. Way to Differentiate Yourself When Prospecting
  9. Way to Get an Appointment, Leave a Kick Ass Voicemail Message, and Have Infectious Confidence
  10. Way to Have a Successful First Appointment
  11. Way to Answer the Question, “Is That Your Best Price?” With a “Yes!”
  12. Sales Philosophy
  13. Way to Increase Your Sales Volume
  14. Way to Increase Your Productivity
  15. Three Selling Months of the Year
  16. Definition of an Objection
  17. Way to Overcome the “Your Price Is Too High” Objection
  18. Response to the Objection, “We Already Have a Vendor”
  19. Time to Make a Sales Call
  20. Holiday Card
  21. Way to Land a Big Fish
  22. Place to Look for Killer Good Prospects
  23. Prospecting Plan
  24. Side Door to Use to Get an Appointment
  25. Way to Make Seven Sales Calls a Day
Thank you, my friends, for your patronage. Thank you for emailing your comments and suggestions. Thank you for sharing my excitement when we welcomed our first grandchild. The entire FarkaBerry family wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. See you next Monday. Bill All Sales Vault workshops are interactive, combining ideas from an expert with input from your peers. See the line up of upcoming sales topics at or call Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036.

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