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Digital Download: 25 Best PRINT Sales Tips Ever!

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Purchase of this product is for a Digital Download of the PDF version of Bill Farquharson’s “The 25 Best PRINT Sales Tips Ever!”  View the Paperback version

Get 25 Instantly-applicable sales tips for sales people and selling owners in the print industry who want to learn how to sell profitably.

  • Tip #3 is the best time management idea you’ll ever read.
  • Use #5 and you’ll never cold call again…ever!
  • Tip #6 not only gives you the best use for voicemail, but it also teaches how to beat it.
  • Are you coming up against the “price” objection? You won’t after applying Tip #17.
  • And Tip #21? All it does is show you how to land the Big Fish account.

Written for sales people and selling owners, this book will help you gain more new business and sell more to existing clients. Manage your time better (MUCH better!), beat voicemail, overcome the “price” and “already have a vendor” objections, and learn secrets about selling you’ll not find anywhere else!

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